Long time no Blog. Just got back from our 8 day Japan trip with my girlfriend. It kinda served as a distraction from all the shit that’s happening in life. Escape from reality if you must say.

I’m back to work now in my desk and during the day, there are a lot of things which got me triggered and I’m thinking, why can’t Filipinos adapt to a more civilized culture (in comparison with Japan).

I’m going to list down the things which triggered me today and their comparison with Japan culture.

1.) Driving Ethics – I’ve been a car dependent ever since high school and it’s my way of transportation anywhere. The streets that I pass by in our country have no dedicated pedestrian traffic lights. One of the things that happened during the day is that as usual, pedestrians just cross whenever they want to!! Whenever they think it’s free!! I almost ran over someone who’s stupid enough to just run for it.

In Japan, pedestrians are civilized. And all their streets have dedicated traffic lights. (I guess we can also say that the traffic scheme and train/public transportation in our country is bad in comparison.)

2.) Lines in stores – I was in line at Starbucks about to buy my daily dose of coffee when all of a sudden, this random guy just rushed in front of me when the barista said “next customer please”. I told him that I was already in line and the reason I didn’t respond immediately is because I dropped the Starbucks planer card. He said that he was in a hurry so I didn’t even bother fighting with him. One thing that I love in Japan is that whenever you’re in one of the Japan stores, then a foreigner suddenly rushes in front of you, the cashier person won’t allow it. He will point at the “Stand here” sign and tell that person to wait in line. That’s something that the barista in Starbucks didn’t even bother to enforce.

3.) Public awareness – I was in the escalator going down when I saw some girl rushing to get down. She probably is trying to catch a bus or something but all of a sudden she was stopped. Why? Because not everyone is staying in the right side of the escalator. Some deuce bags are in the right, some are in the left. They just don’t give AF. Aside from that when I was about to eat dinner in KFC, there are multiple vacant seats which are occupied by A F**CKING BAG. I’m glad the bag can dine in while I can’t. In Japan, all of them stay in one side, they make sure to free up space even if it’s rush hour and it’s tedious to get in. ALL FOR THE PUBLIC.

4.) Clean as you go – At first I didn’t like this culture, but when I got a seat in McDonald to eat dinner, the table was super dirty. I’m a neat freak myself. It would be really good if we can adapt to the CLAY GO movement when dining in public.

5.) Public Bathrooms – Maybe this could also be added to the public awareness part. Filipinos just don’t give AF who uses the bathroom next. They trash anything and spill anything on toilet seats. Also I would just like to point out that I love the Japanese toilets. That automatic bidet functionality and the tissue which could be flushed? One word LOVE.

Anyways, that’s about it. I’m thinking about writing another Blog this week related to something that I felt this weekend with my girlfriend. Do you guys have any cultures in your country which you simply hate? Comment down below! Thanks for reading.

To end the blog, here’s a random Japan pic with my girlfriend.

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Funny that my last blog post is titled Life. Now it’s Death. Figures huh?

“Everything that has a beginning has an end.” I used to think that this quote from the Matrix is cool and easy to say when I was a kid. Fast forward to adulthood and this phrase isn’t as easy to say as it is. It’s not just a phrase that sounds cool but it’s actually a phrase which hurts the most.

My father died last week (July 30, 2018) to be exact. He was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis stage 2 back in 2015 (A disease which brings a life expectancy of a person 6 months to years. Recommended course of treatment is a liver transplant.)

My father didn’t want a liver transplant so he decided to just live life. Those with liver cirrhosis don’t actually exhibit any symptoms of weakness or pain hence we forgot that he even had the disease. So when the incident occured on July 30, it seemed to sudden for us when in reality it’s not…

I’m not sure if he planned everything that happened before his death. But if we think about it, it looks like he did. Before we had to rush him to the hospital on Monday, we actually came in Singapore to celebrate my Mom’s birthday and their wedding anniversary. It was strange that he was acting all sluggish and tired all of a sudden while we were there. He was happy and at the same time he wants to rest for a long time. It turns out that he was tired because he was experiencing pain. He was also playing this song by “Aerosmith – I don’t want to miss a thing” most of the time in our room. It was so random back then but now it’s not.

He was the best father anyone can every had. He was not just a father to me but he was like my best friend. My movie buddy. My pal.

Death had thaught me two lessons through-out my life. The first was to remember that he truly mattered. The second lesson came almost immediately after… When heartbreak happened.

I know that I neglected him sometimes because I was busy. I hope that he realized that it doesn’t mean I love him less. I just wish there could have been more time for me to show that I love him.

Everything hurts from time to time. I don’t actually know up to when could this go on. I can’t even bare to put myself in the position of my Mother.

Dad I love you. I always will.


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Hello! It’s my 29th birthday tomorrow. Hope I can get a happy birthday from a random reader.

Recalling my life up to this point (every moment, every choice, job, family, friends, love) I’m happy and very thankful for everything.

There is however a random feeling that maybe just maybe something can be different. I guess that’s being human. We are always in constant search for something. (Like if you agree!)

Anyways, going to celebrate and be thankful tomorrow that I managed to survive again another year. 29 years of living! What are some life plans you can think of that I should be planning now?


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My girlfriend told me before that having no social media is not healthy. That you need a place to vent your emotions, your individuality. (Side story, I don’t have Facebook and Viber. But I do have Instagram and Twitter. which I don’t often use.)

For me I think it’s the opposite, I think having no social media is healthy. And it makes a person stronger. Around 70% of the world’s population won’t agree on me on this but hear me out.

Come take a walk with me.

An average person tells millions of online stranger about random things.

But when it comes to actual face to face interaction, an average person gets lost instantly.

Basically an average person isn’t equipped to handle rationality with the unknown. That’s why modern technology helped us humans ease this part of struggle of interaction.

We got Friendster then myspace then facebook then instagram. Then for dating we have tinder or grindr or cupid. You want to sell to random strangers? we got ebay, shoppee and the list goes on. (You get it right?)

I also get it. There’s nothing more scary than confronting intimacy in person.

But for those who are not dependent on these social media from the beginning, they actually know how to live. Live in this basic common scenarios.

To get to know someone, you randomly say hi.
To sell stuff to someone, you sell it to your friends or to your friends of friends
If you want to talk to someone, you actually get to be present physically.
To know stuff from the real world, you buy a magazine/newspaper outside.

(Crazy right? That they actually used to do this.)

Like I said earlier, (for those readers who forgot and think that I’m a hypocrite. 🙂 )   I have social media (Instagram and Twitter.) I think it’s fun to browse stuff on those platforms. It’s like your very own special place.

When I think about it, maybe that’s why the average person uses facebook so much. They need their special place.

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Blog update! I just got back from a 5 day cruise with my girlfriend. It was my first cruise trip and aside from the very long waiting lines to board and disembark, the overall experience was amazing.

I can’t help contain my smile and excitement seeing the overall size of the ship. Ladders with different colors, facilities which caters to different audiences and different delicacies which guests can indulge upon.

As usual, I tried to capture as much memory pictures as possible with my girlfriend. The 5 day cruise ship experience with her is something very special to me.

To close this blog, here’s a picture of us in Keelung Taiwan.

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Just a recap, before this very serious relationship of mine, I have been single for 7 years. And my first girlfriend sort of had this “barkada feeling” that came with her.

So yeah I know what it’s like not just to be strong in a relationship but also to be strong in life. I learned not to depend on anyone or wrap my fingers to someone. I was happy being alone.

Okay back to the present, the story I’m about to tell you guys is with my girlfriend. She’s a strong independent woman and I love her for that. Me too before all of this started but there came a point in time (maybe it was around after our 1 year together) that I wrapped myself around her because I don’t want to lose her. I always want to make her happy.

Okay so what was the story? basically it was just a movie date which just didn’t push through due to the availability of cinema tickets (which is usually my job in the relationship. The story is a little petty I know.)

The strong independent woman that my girlfriend is just moved on. She just accepted that fact and brushed it off. (I should have also acted that way but for some reason I felt sad.) Maybe because we were talking about it so much and she really wants to see that movie even before we watched black panther. And I want to make her happy.

I forgot this word on that moment. “Strong” or “Strength”. There are times in our relationship that yeah it feels like I’m the girl and she is the one who clearly displays Strength. I admire her for it so much..

For those of you who want to wrap everything in love and move on… Don’t just don’t. There are a thousand things you can be doing and feeling sorry isn’t one of them…


Happy new year blog! I have been a little busy since last time. A lot of things just happened. Bottom line, still happy. 🙂

Recently been watching this Anime. (RE Creators). I’m not actually a anime guy, but once I see something that really captures reality in a different way, then I’m hooked. No questions asked. (Also I guess if one of the protagonist is a hot chick.)

Basically it’s a show in a modern japan setting wherein characters from various animes/ mangas and video games was brought back to life by a mysterious woman known as Altair. The characters which are brought back to life are known as “Creations” duh. While the people who wrote them are called “Creators” double duh.

Interesting right? No spoilers here. Some episodes on the middle of the series are a bit slow but I’m right about in the end and it’s getting pretty good. The anime also started off great.

Anyways, as usual, I’m ending this blog post with quotes from the show that really got me good. Hope you random viewer likes it!


“I understand that this is a compicated world. I know that this isn’t a world where everything you wish will come true. But characters like me from stories, our purposes have already been decided and we can’t escape them. Unlike us, you guys can decide where you go by yourself. It might not be easy but you can choose it and create it for yourself. You can write your own story just for yourself.” – Rui Kanoya


In this world, I met a boy who read my story, the one you created. My hellish world is an unhappy story, but it teaches people in this world about strength, courage, and how justice should be served. That’s what he told me.” – Alicetaria February

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